Cyclos 4 Communities

Cyclos 4 communities is an online service, provided by STRO, that allows communities to create their own currency network in a few simple steps. Each community gets their own website completely separated from another communities.

Cycloshost, as Cyclos official Multi network administrator, have permissions to configure your domain name, currency, accounts, payment types and authorizations, fees, extra fields in profile, payments and advertisments, groups, agreements, and much more...

You can use configs to modify any setting in your Cyclos 4 Communities and/or to request information about administration, installation and configuration. Each config has a unique ticket id.


annual billing

annual billing

Forever. Seriously. 
All Cyclos 4 features.
or 12€ monthly 
All Cyclos 4 features
or 25€ monthly
All Cyclos 4 features.

3 config / month
5 config / month
1 hour specialist  / month

Please contact our helpdesk to sign up.

Minimum contract period for all plans: 6 months. Additional config cost 10 EUR each for Standard and Pro plan suscribers. Each config for the Lite plan suscribers cost 25 EUR. Custom config packs are available through our helpdesk. Cyclos specialist support hours can be used to consult or further customize your project. Configurations and support hours are not transferrable from month to month. The fee of an additional specialist hour is 50 EUR.

Domain info: The cost of setting up the domain for your community is 35 EUR. More info about domains

SSL info: we can configure the SSL for you, this costs 50 EUR plus the certificate. You can choose a certificate provider and we would give you the CSR of the server so you can order it. We can also provide you the certificate. We work with the major SSL brands like RapidSSL, Geotrust, Verisign, Thawte and DigiCert.