Cyclos 3 hosting

All hosts include

  • up to 8-core processor
  • LVM Hardware virtualization
  • Root ssh access
  • Cyclos 3 latest version
  • Centos 6.5
  • Java 7
  • Tomcat 7 (for Cyclos hosts)
  • Galera database replication latest version (for database hosts)
  • Monthly availability report on demand

Simple Cyclos host

Suitable for 1 Cyclos instance

  • Tomcat and MySQL in the same host: 768MB RAM
50€ Setup fee + 49eur/month

High availability Cyclos host

Suitable for 2 Cyclos instances in cluster

  • 2xTomcat Cluster (2 hosts x 768MB RAM)
  • 1x MySQL database in a separate host: (1 host x 256MB)
  • Private availability alerts per email
195€ Setup fee + 149eur/month

High availability Cyclos host with database replication

Suitable for 4 Cyclos instances in cluster
  • 4xTomcat Cluster (4 hosts x 768MB RAM)
  • Galera replication (whole stack cluster): 4 x MySQL databases (4 hosts x 256MB)
  • Private availability alerts per email
  • Public availability alerts to a Twitter profile
495€ Setup fee + 245eur/month

Options: Domain names

Own domains and SSL

Option: Cyclos database backups

Every week: 10€/month
Every 24 hours: 19€/month
Every 6 hours: 29€/month
Every 3 hours: 39€/month
Every hour: 49€/month
If you want encrypted backups with your GPG key: 150€ setup fee

Other Options

Tomcat Native: 150€ per Tomcat instance