Cyclos 3 and 4 support

We help personalizing your Cyclos instance by setting up currencies, accounts, groups, jsp customization and other personalization on demand like Cyclos SMS module installation and the SMS Gateway connection with Cyclos.

Migrations Cyclos 3 to Cyclos 4 PRO

A migration tool is not yet available. As soon as a migration tool is available, we will offer migration support.

Kick off Project

We help with your project if you do not know how to start. We help you understanding the things that the Software can and cannot do and how it can help your idea. This is usually a good starting point to develop a project. Kick off projects start at 500 EUR. Special reductions apply for hosting customers

Setup Project

We setup your Project by installing and configuring Cyclos in order to match your business rules. We assume that someone in your team has the minimum knowledge about Cyclos necessary in order to give us appropriate requirements. Setup projects start at 800 EUR. Special reductions apply for hosting customers

Support fees

The fee of 1 specialist support hour is 50 EUR. This support can include customization, migration and/or administration tasks regarding the Cyclos software. Custom support starts with a minimum of 10 hours.

Installation fees
The fee for an standard installation of Cyclos 3/Cyclos 4 PRO in an external server is 350 EUR/550 EUR. This includes all necessary software with latest versions available at the time of the installation. Root access to a CentOS server must be temporarily provided until the confirmation of the installation. External installation fees do not apply for Setup Projects.

Please visit our helpdesk for more information.