Why Cycloshost?

It’s for Cyclos!

We offer the best environment for your Cyclos installation: Java 7, Tomcat 7/8 or Glassfish, Galera database replication and Cyclos latest versions.

It’s elastic!

If your project grows, we can dedicate more resources to it.

It’s rock-solid!


All the hosts we offer are based on the best hardware virtualization for Linux: LVM.


CentOS to offer the robustness and scalability of legendary RedHat, but Open Source.

It’s quality!

Never be out of RAM, we assign more than enough RAM for your Cyclos instance.

It’s professional!

No control panels, just SSH access for your experienced system administrators.

It´s green!

We host our servers in Datadock in Straßburg, the greenest Datacenter in Europe.